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One piece three ways: Fahad Hussayn

January 20, 2016
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hile trends fade, style remains eternal and one piece can be put together in many different manners. In this feature we show you how one item from a designer’s collection can be owned by various fashionably aware people in different ways

In our first issue we select a black embellished menswear sherwani by Fahad Hussayn. This piece has been seen on the likes of Ali Zafar and Ali Sethi before and now we bring you three different ways to style it. The black on black embellishments consist of French knots, embroidery, Swarovski crystals and black on black zardozi. We ask three fashion design students from Beaconhouse National University to style it their way.

Sameer Karasu

Drapes the sherwani like a structured skirt while pairing it with a plain black tank. To add drama to his look, he uses futuristic 3D fabricated armour and a leather scarf. While being experimental, this look is imaginative and adds a touch of Karasu’s personality

Eisha Liaqat

Has a very interesting take on the piece as she pairs a plain black drape underneath the sherwani and drapes half the sherwani on her shoulder while using the rest of it as a scarf. Along with adding colourful chevron socks to the look, Liaqat uses an embroidered sleeve to complete the look

Sonia Shahid

Wears the piece as an off-the-shoulder belted dress with knee-high leather boots. She adds avant-garde shoulder pads and hat to give
a Native American warrior princess feel. She completes the look with winged eyeliner, defined eyebrows and a poppy red lip