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The modern man’s winter essentials

January 20, 2016
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Whether a man’s looking to create an impeccable Sunday brunch look, or he’s just got an eye for classics, these essentials are the necessary building blocks that wont look out of date next winter. With the range of colours for the season- white, grey, black and khaki- they will remain modern and timeless.


Invest in one that will last. Spend some time finding a real leather jacket that will bear scuffs and creases over the years, creating its own memories. Can be worn with a white oxford shirt (aim for 100% cotton from your tailor) to dress up.

Sweden’s trademark fashion house Acne Studios perfects leather (Acne’s Black Gibson Jacket worn in image 1).

The white T-shirt is a basic but necessary item in every wardrobe. Throw out your basic tees that you’ve had since you were 15 and invest in some quality cotton. Whether you’re suiting it, layering it or letting it stand on its own, you need at least one drawer dedicated to this simple but versatile item. The right cut and quality, can change a look.


Derbies are one of the most versatile shoes a man can own. They can dress up a pair of jeans and perfect that casual suit look.

WANT Les Essentials de la Vie perfect those finer details (seen in image 3).

The perfect dress boot for winter. The brogue detailing adds an element of formality to the relaxed style and tan/black/burgundy is a go-to colour choice. They look great teamed with traditional suiting fabrics and even dress up a pair of jeans. To give your outfit an added touch of detailing, fold the hems of your trousers; this will dress down the look slightly and shows off the boot to the fullest.

Grenson from the UK demonstrate outstanding craftsmanship (seen in image 1, 6).


This is the most versatile garment in your entire wardrobe. You can dress it up with a shirt and pocket square, as easily as you can dress it down with denim and a basic T-shirt. Get it tailored to perfection.

Ammar Belal’s custom made suits are a great place to start (seen in image  7).


You can’t go wrong with an accessory like sunglasses, and there are many types to choose from. Try some on, test them out and see what goes. If you don’t know what suits you, Aviators are the safest bet.

Daakiya has a soft spot for vintage wears sourced internationally and gifted (seen in image 7 ).

Pocket squares give you the freedom to experiment with colour and display your personality because they are small and simple, yet effective.

Your local tailor has an abundance of fabrics, head there and get an original (seen in image 7).

The watch, Choose one that reflects your character, style and taste- not your bank account. Every man should own two watches: one for formal occasions and one for everyday use.

Currently sporting Arne Jacobsen timepiece from Copenhagen (seen in image 5).

Put your own stamp on it, embrace local designers and create your own signature style. This is a guide, a list of Daakiya’s go-to winter essentials that can be worn for any occasion. Head to @daakiya on Instagram for the daily feed. DAAKIYA