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The notepad: Tia Noon

January 20, 2016
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Tia Noon, co–owner and designer at The House of Kamiar Rokni, scribbles her love for the written word on our notepad

A Pelican At Blandings 

Pg Wodehouse 

A witty and humorous story where unwelcome, overbearing guests descend upon the castle. This delightful novel is symbolic of my love for everything Wodehouse

Mystery Of The Agnee Ruby 

Maha Khan Phillips 

This novel was a birthday present to me, and the story revolves around two brothers on their adventures, who actually happen to be my two sons

Archie Comics

People of my generation were all Archie fans so I feel Archie Comics must be on this list

A Bear Called Paddington 

Michael Bond

A story on how the Browns meet a marmalade-loving bear. The chapters are filled with humorous mishaps and adventures of the little bear with his new family. This book started my fascination with the world of imagination and reading

A God In Every Stone 

Kamila Shamsie

It is a beautiful story by a beautiful person. The main character, a London based archaeologist, charmingly connects the heritage of two great races: the Pathans and the British. It’s a must-read, as it offers much thought on Pakistan’s history


Terry Prachett

The story revolves around prince Teppic from a kingdom called Djelibeybi, and the hurdles he has to face after coming in power following his father’s death. This was the first Pratchett I ever read, and my world changed forever

The Dragons Egg 

Robert L Forward

A moving story of sacrifice and triumph, where human scientists establish a relationship with intelligent life forms. This marked the beginning of my continuing science-fiction journey