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The vault: Rehan Bashir

January 20, 2016
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We ask style guru Rehan Bashir to share his most coveted jewelry pieces with us

When did you get interested in jewellery?

I’ve always had a fascination towards design, whether it’s textile or jewellery. I remember noticing and admiring things even as a child. Having been trained as a visual artist, and now working as a designer, my passion for beautiful, traditional design has grown immensely. Jewellery is perhaps something I am most moved by and am passionate about. Anything with spectacular craftsmanship and a story grabs my attention.

What are your favourite pieces of jewellery?

That’s a very difficult question, but if I were to choose it would probably be the kundan choker that’s been in my family for almost five generations now. There’s simplicity and elegance in the design, and it’s beautifully crafted. However, for me the most important thing is the sentimental value, and family history attached to it.

Where did you buy them from?

I’ve been collecting for a few years now. They are from many different places, however I bought most of them from Lahore.

Share a story with us about how you acquired one of your favourite pieces?

I recently came across a beautiful necklace from Muzaffargarh. A student of mine sent me a picture saying it was available, and although it was a bit expensive I made sure I got my hands on it. I generally tend to take my time to make a decision before buying something, but this particular piece I fell in love with instantly.

Is there anything on your radar that you want to get in the future?

Currently, I’m not looking for anything in particular. However, knowing me, I will probably end up buying something soon. I often buy rings, as they are what I wear the most.