How To Make Your Foundation Look Flawless | Makeup

By Anonymous


How many times has it happened that you buy a foundation and apply it, but it just doesn’t give you a nice coverage. So many tricks and tips of a make-up artist you might  have followed, but not all worked out for you. Not everyone’s skin is the same and reacts differently to certain products. But, a foundation is a product that has to work out on your skin, cause if it doesn’t then your entire make-up look won’t fall together and that will not look good. So, here’s a trick how you can get that coverage with any of your foundation!


What do you need?

  1. Foundation
  2. Beauty sponge
  3. Warm water
  4. Cold water



  1. Damp a beauty sponge into warm water first and apply your foundation.
  2. Then damp the beauty sponge in cold water and tap it on your skin.
  3. You’ll have flawless coverage.


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