TEdit’s 11 Essentials For Fashion Week

By Anonymous

With FPW Winter Festive ’17 upon us, we have you sorted with all the things you need for a smooth sailing fashion week experience

Portable Charger

With all the snapchatting and Instagramming going on throughout the night, your battery will run out of juice! Be sure to carry your portable charger with you at all times so you don’t run out of battery at a crucial time.

Compact Mirror

A mirror is always a good idea to make sure your make-up is fresh and on point. Slip one in your bag to make sure you’re shining throughout the night.

Fashion Posse

There’s no fashion week without your fabulous clique! Keep your besties close for the perfect red carpet clicks and to share fashion notes in the frow!


You’ll be doing a lot of talking and socialising on the red carpet so it’s always best to have fresh breath while you do so.

A Bright Lipstick

Keeping your lipstick handy is vital for fashion week. In case of an accidental smudge or just to top up in between breaks, pop it in your bag and freshen up as the night proceeds.

Comfy Shoes

You’ll be running around on the red carpet so don’t let your feet hate you and keep an extra pair of comfortable shoes. Don’t forget to slip into your actual shoes for the red carpet though!


Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

Nutrition Bars

Getting through Fashion Week is no easy feat so keep your energy levels up and hunger pangs away with a nutrition bar at hand. They’re small and easy to fit in a small bag, but packed with lots of energy!

Face Powder

It will get hot and your skin can get oily so it always helps to keep a face powder in your bag. Not only will it help to make your make-up last longer but it also prevents your make-up to melt. It also helps to opt for a face powder that doubles as a mirror!


Let’s face it; you’ll hear some really cool remixes at fashion week. So keep your Shazam app ready and update your music list as fashion week goes on!

Make-up setting spray

Make sure you have a reliable setting spray to ensure you’re looking your best on the red carpet and post show. Help that make-up stay put!


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