4 best hair oils that would make you fall in love with your hair.

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We see that most of us girls aren't delighted with the way our hair feels and looks in any weather. In summers, they are oily; in winters, they are dry and dull. So it is time to love your curls a little extra and care about them to make them healthy and bring back their natural shine. One of the best ways to pamper your hair apart from salons is to oil them regularly. This hair oiling culture has been there for thousands of years because this is the only way to make your hair long, durable, and healthy. No matter whatever shampoo you use, the strength and shine that you get from regular hair oiling sessions, you cannot achieve with anything else in the world.   

Nourishing hair oils help to get over hair problems like split ends, thinning, frizziness, hair fall, dandruff. They also work best in making the hair look healthy and shiny. Our Editor's Pick team at the FAB Edit tried one hair oil each, and we came up with four best hair oils. Try them and see the results yourself because they worked great on us, and we can swear by it. The best thing about these hair oils is that they are made in Pakistan and are readily available online or at every famous supermarket. Every hair oil listed below is tried and tested by us, and we are going to give you a detailed honest review about each one in today's blog for the Editor's Pick section. Keep reading below and upgrade your beauty closet now.



Zo'Nanos Signature Hair Oil.

Keep your Sundays locked for a hair oiling session and that too with none other than Zo'Nanos Signature hair Oil. This oil tops our list of all the hair oils that we can swear by. Here's the reason.

With all those manipulations that we do to our hair every day, by using styling products, blow dryers, chemicals, etc., our hair needs to get oiled at least thrice a week. One of our team members tried Zo'Nanos and got positive results just in two washes as we noticed the hair follicles getting strong, along with the hair getting nourished and also being super smooth and silky.  

Especially people with curly hair can trust Zo'Nanos because oils with artificial ingredients can be tricky with curly hair. The reason behind this is that mild shampoos cannot wash the oil off from this hair type but not to worry! Zo'Nanos is as easy as ABC to rinse off your hair, whether they are curly or straight. It doesn't have an overpowering smell nor a very greasy texture though the base oil is pure unprocessed coconut oil with four other oils mixed in it. It is also made up of 100% natural and organic herbs that accelerate hair growth, making your hair healthy and active in just a few applications.

Pro tip: Oil your hair with Zo'Nanos at least thrice a week by mixing two capsules of vitamin E to get quicker results!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          


Co-Natural Intense Growth Hair Oil.

We don't need weather updates to know that the dry season has begun. Our hair is enough to show us signs by falling, being frizzy, and whatnot. Dry and dull hair requires extra care, and most importantly, you need to keep a check on your hair fall that can only lessen if you oil your hair regularly. Another member of the FAB Edit review team tried the Intense Growth Hair Oil from Co-Natural and told us how she was simply in love with it! 

The very first thing to notice about the CoNatural Intense Growth Hair Oil is its gorgeous fragrance. We adored it. Indeed, it has the best scents out of all the hair oils that were tried by our team. Let us tell you that it is no artificial fragrance because all the ingredients in the hair oil are natural and 100% organic, free from Parabens, synthetic musks, and other silicon chemicals.

The results for this oil did not come out quickly, but we made a noticeable improvement in the hair texture after using it five to six times. The hair started to become voluminous with increased length. However, the hair length cannot be achieved miraculously in a week or a month, so you have to be extremely particular and regular about your hair oil and Co-Natural indeed, which is an excellent choice for that. The best thing about Co Natural oil is that it comes off quickly in a single wash and leaves your hair smooth and clean.  

Pro tip: After applying the oil from the roots towards the ends, wrap your hair in a shower cap or a towel for the oil to work quicker and better.



Naturoyl Signature Hair Oil.

Greasy and dull hair is not attractive, and hair oils are essential to keep your hair healthy and hydrated. The effects of every hair oil ma vary according to the texture or hair type. But are all oils equal? The answer is no. Rather than choosing a hair oil according to the hair texture, we should be selecting the oil according to what it does to our hair. Many trichologists suggest paying attention to what the hair oils are made of before we try them. 

For example, if you need an oil that would make your hair shiny and healthy-looking, you should opt for carrier oils like olive, mustard, and almond. We found out that Naturoyl can cater to all our shiny-needs for our hair. Run by a woman entrepreneur naturoyl is the oil that can suit any hair type for women and also men. This oil contains all necessary ingredients that would promote the good health of your hair, making them shiny, healthy, and super soft. Herbs like Shikakayi, Amla, Reetha, Curry leaves, and Alkanet Root help moisturize your hair, leaving them supple, while oils like olive, almond, mustard, black seed, and extra virgin coconut oil accelerate hair growth and add volume to the hair.  

Naturoyl has been carefully made at home and also packed with vitamin D that makes hair unbreakable. One of our girls tired this super beneficial oil, and the results were seen within three washes. Her hair felt soft and glossy. So our five stars go for Naturoyl, which is worth a try if you are looking for a pure organic treat for your hair!

Pro tip: Do not leave your hair with oil overnight. Wash it after 30 minutes or one-hour maximum depending on your hair's length and volume to get the desired results after a few applications. 


Salina Cosmetics Coco-Grow Hair Growth & Moisturizing Hair Oil.




The idea of oiling our hair twice a week seems old school, right? But guess what? We are wrong here! Our mothers and grandmothers have always been correct when they asked us to regularly oil our hair because it is the best way with no other alternative, of course, to pamper our hair and make them grow long and healthy. 

So Salina Cosmetics sent us one of its bestsellers: the Cocogrow Hair Growth & Moisturizing Hair Oil. We can swear upon this miracle oil because, as the name suggests, it really helps with the hair growth, and honestly, it is magic in a bottle. It gives the hair al the essential nutrients and proteins because it is 100% natural and organic. Not only this oil helps with instant hair growth, but it also relieves the scalp from bacterial infections and helps the hair to soften and get their lost gloss back. With the power of shea butter, essential and pure oils, it will leave your hair looking and feeling revitalized. 

When our team member tried this oil from thrice a week, we noticed that her hair looked clean, fresh, and glossy. The texture of her hair was improved, and the wool felt silky and smooth. However, hair growth may be achieved after regular use for three months, but it did leave a noticeable effect after three washes. So di try it, as it is a thumbs up from us! 

Pro tip: Use the oil according to the instructions given at the bottle below for instant results. Please do not leave it overnight. 



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